Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants are a wonderfully helpful and relatively new tool in dentistry. Reliable and solid, once placed in your mouth, a dental implant can do wonders for your smile while keeping you worry-free thanks to a low-maintenance design. Implants allow you to replace your natural teeth with as little difference as possible. Unlike dentures, which […]

Is Sugar Bad for Your Teeth?

In a word, yes. There’s a reason why your mom was always on to you about eating too much sugar rotting your teeth – because that’s exactly what happens. Sugar and tooth decay go hand in hand. In fact, it can do more than affect just your teeth; excess sugar is bad for your entire […]

What Do Dental X-rays Show?

What Are Dental X-rays? X-rays (all known as radiographs) use electromagnetic radiation to produce detailed internal images of your teeth and jaws. X-rays are an older technology (they began being used by doctors in 1896) that has been updated and improved upon through the years and are a key component of dental healthcare and are […]

When Should My Child Have Their First Dental Appointment?

Being a parent is not easy. There are all kinds of rules and guidelines you need to learn to help ensure the health of your child. But it’s a challenge that you gladly accept because there’s nothing you won’t do for your kid. And that includes their oral/dental health. Many parents wonder what the right […]

A Closer Examination: What You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment

Receiving the news that you need a root canal procedure is never pleasant. But the silver lining is that it is a vital and common dental procedure. And root canals provide real pain relief and will likely save you from losing a tooth – or worse. What is a root canal? A root canal treatment […]

The Most Common Dental Problems and How to Prevent Them

Almost all of us have suffered from some kind of dental problem in our lifetimes. And if you haven’t, that’s impressive – but it doesn’t mean it couldn’t still happen. The good news is that most common dental problems are preventable by proper oral hygiene: Regular brushing and flossing, as well as twice-yearly trips to […]

BGW Dental Group’s 2023 Patent Appreciation Day

We recently celebrated our 2023 Patent Appreciation Day, a day dedicated to showing appreciation to our loyal clients. The event was a huge success, with many clients expressing their gratitude for the thoughtful gesture. The festivities began as our dedicated staff worked tirelessly to prepare mouth-watering hamburgers and chicken sandwiches just for you. We saw […]

How often should you get your teeth cleaned?

No matter your age or health status, it is important that you schedule regular exams with your dentist. This is because routine dental exams allow your dentist to identify emerging health concerns with your teeth and gums, helping you to avoid cavities and other problems such as gum disease. Routine dental cleanings Routine dental exams […]

Sweets During the Holidays and Their Effect on our Teeth

There is so much to love about the holiday season: The warmth of time spent with friends and family, parties stocked with wonderful food and drink, and, of course, all the sweet treats that appear everywhere – whether it’s in your home, office, or even the gym. But as good as all of that is, […]

Dental Care as we Age

Like all types of healthcare, how patients and providers approach dental care changes significantly throughout our lives. True, there are some factors that never change. But there are also plenty of differences in how dentists and oral health professionals treat us in different phases of our lives, and it is important to understand those distinctions […]