Laser Dentistry

Laser Focused To Ease Pain

One of the latest technological advances in oral care, laser dentistry offers a highly effective, precision method of treating gums and other oral tissues with minimal pain and reduced recovery time. Called “ezlase”, our dentists may employ this treatment on a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Smile enhancements: The ezlase can reshape a patient’s gums, thereby removing any excess tissue that can make a smile show too much “gums” or cause teeth to appear smaller or irregularly shaped.
  • Extracting excess tissue: Laser technology can remove any oral growths or eradicate the presence of extra tissues covering a tooth, fibromas, benign tumors, or papilla. It is also ideal for removing soft tissue folds created by misfit dentures.
  • Addressing speech issues and gum recession: Laser dentistry can release connections to the tongue that may restrict mobility – or to gums that cause them to recede. Laser frenectomy may also help children who are considered “tongue-tied,” as well as those who suffer speech impediments.
  • Treating periodontal disease: We may recommend laser treatments to remove bacteria found between teeth and gums that could be the cause of gum recession, loss of teeth, or bleeding. The ezlase tool effectively destroys bacteria, potentially stimulating the tissue in your gums to grow.
  • Relieving pain from cold sores: The ezlase allows oral tissues to regenerate and heal faster and can also relieve pain caused by cold sores or fever blisters.

The ezlase also minimizes harm to surrounding oral tissues and rarely (if ever) requires very few sutures.

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