Fluoride Treatment

A Path To A Brighter Smile

At BGW Dental Group we strive to help you attain the best smile possible. We believe the route to a bright smile lies through full oral health, and fluoride is a one of the tools we use to help reach that goal whether you are 3 or 103.

Most patients receive enough fluoride from natural sources (foods and beverages) and via toothpaste and mouthwash in order to help protect their teeth. However, some patients may require extra fluoride treatments, and BGW is happy to provide that service at our Braselton and Gainesville locations.

Fluoride treatments can help patients to overcome a multitude of issues, including:

  • Inadequate oral hygiene habits
  • Recent dental decay
  • Chronic dry mouth caused by a medical condition or by medication
  • Crevasses or deep pits in teeth
  • Consumption of excessive sugars and/or carbohydrates

A reduced form fluorine, fluoride occurs naturally and is present in many things we consume. We utilize it because it contains compounds proven to reduce tooth decay. And that is why it is added to so many oral care products. Fluoride works by slowing the metabolism of the bacteria that cause tooth decay and is best delivered in consistent doses.

NOTE: Fluoride is only part of oral health and should be used in concert with a balanced, healthy diet (one not loaded with sugary snacks), regular brushing and flossing and twice-yearly visits with your dentist.

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