Emergency Dentistry

We Are Here For You

We get it, dental emergencies often do not occur on a 9 to 5 schedule. So, when and if it happens to you or a family member, you want to know that you can call your dentist and find a quick solution.

To that we say: We are here for you. And we will get you smiling again.

No matter the situation or time of day, do not hesitate to call our offices at 678-582-8099, and our emergency dentists will be ready to help in Gainesville and/or Braselton.

There are two things to remember in any dental emergency:

  • Stay calm – dental accidents may create significant pain and/or bleeding, and this can certainly upset both the patient and any family member. However, you can help the situation by remaining calm and immediately contacting a dental professional. Panicking will only make situation more traumatic.
  • If a permanent/adult tooth is lost, try to locate it and preserve it – you may do this by gently rinsing it in water and then placing it in a cup of milk. It may be re-inserted if properly preserved.


Is it truly an emergency?

If you are uncertain if you or your child is experiencing a true emergency, a good question to ask is, “can the situation wait until the morning to receive medical attention?” If you are unsure, please call us at 678-582-8099, and we will help you determine the extent of the situation.

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