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Gainesville Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is often necessary when a tooth or nerve becomes decayed or infection arises. In order to preserve the tooth, a dentist will completely remove the infected tissue, surrounding nerves, and any bacteria or decay. The empty space is then replaced with medicated dental materials in order to restore the tooth’s full functionality and relieve painful symptoms.

Root canal treatment performed by our dentists in Gainesville and Braselton can save the affected tooth that would otherwise be lost or need to be removed. Sometimes patients believe that the best and most cost-effective solution would be to simply extract the tooth; however, what is not commonly understood is that pulling the tooth can often be more costly and could potentially cause significant problems for neighboring teeth.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy has demonstrated great success and generally lasts a lifetime. Some conditions warrant necessary retreatment due to developing infections. Reasons for choosing a root canal treatment include deterioration reaching the living tissue, abscess or infection surfacing in the tooth, or trauma to a specific area or tooth.

Indications that you might need a root canal include:

  • Any abscess on the gums
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold compresses
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Sore or swollen areas

What Does a Root Canal Treatment Involve?

Root canal procedures involve at least one appointment with your dentist or endodontist.

Once the tooth is numb, a rubber sheet is placed surrounding the tooth in order to eliminate saliva and keep the area dry. An opening is created on top of the tooth permitting root canal files to be placed and the living tissue, bacteria, and nerve to be removed. If there is tooth decay present, it will be removed as well.

Once the tooth is cleansed, a permanent filling will be placed to seal the opening. If additional visits are necessary, a temporary filling will be issued until the next appointment. If a second appointment is necessary the same procedure will occur. All teeth receiving root canal treatment will also need a dental crown mounted for protection and to prevent the tooth from possible breakage. Following the procedure, the tooth may be sensitive; however, this will subside as the tooth heals and the inflamed area calms down.

Each patient must follow the care instructions supplied and practice good oral hygiene. Regular visits to your dentist will also ensure a longer life for the root canal, so be sure to schedule your appointment with us today!

For inquiries regarding the cost of root canal treatment provided by BGW Dental Group, possible payment options, or questions about an insurance claim, please contact us at (678) 582-8099. We have offices in Gainesville and Braselton for your convenience.


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