Cosmetic Dentistry

When you smile, we smile.

And if you have concerns that prevent you from flashing your most beautiful smile then we are here to help. Cosmetic dentistry can improve and restore the appearance of your teeth. It can also improve your oral functionality – and get you back to smiling with confidence. If you are facing any concerns with your smile, please contact us today. We will happily discuss all cosmetic dentistry options available to you and help you select the personalized treatment method that best suits your needs.

And rest assured, technology and treatment advances in cosmetic dentistry ensure that BGW Dental Group can make a noticeable and safe difference in the gentlest manner possible.

Our cosmetic dentists offer a wide range of care options, including:

Veneers Tooth whitening Dentures
Fixed bridges Dental crowns
Dental implants Composite fillings
An old couple in their home with beautiful teeth.

There is no reason for you to doubt your smile.

So, contact us today and let us help you get back to smiling broadly and confidently. Call us at 678-582-8099 to set up an appointment in either Gainesville or Braselton. Or utilize our online form.

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