Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay: A Danger To Your Teeth

It’s hard to flash your best smile if you’re beset by tooth decay.

So many of the dental problems that plague the average American begin with simple tooth decay. It starts when the tooth’s outer protective layer, called enamel, is eroded by acids produced by harmful bacteria. Plaque, a sticky film that naturally forms on teeth, holds these acids in contact with teeth and makes the teeth even more susceptible to decay. Decay leads to cavities and many other potential problems, including infections and gum disease.

However, BGW dental group can help you avoid, halt and even reverse the effects of tooth decay and get you back to smiling your brightest again

Visiting us for twice-yearly checkups, professional cleanings and exams, combined with vigilant home care – including twice-daily teeth brushing, daily flossing and avoidance of excessive sugar consumption – will help you avoid tooth decay and address any potential problems spots in your oral health.

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