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Dental Implants in Gainesville, GA

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Dental implants offer a more permanent solution than removable dentures and are a great replacement for missing teeth. The structures at the core of the implants are the titanium teeth and artificial roots, which are surgically emplaced into the jaw bone by our dentists. Because our dental implants are attached directly to the jaw bone, they offer a more natural appearance and beautiful smile. Trust BGW Dental Group for skillful dental implants in Gainesville and Braselton.

The advantages of dental implants include their resilience, sturdiness, and durability, all of which allow the implants to last for many years. Dental implants periodically will need to be re-tightened or replaced simply by every-day wear.

Dental implants offer many benefits, such as:

  • Substituting missing teeth without disturbing neighboring teeth
  • Correcting any joint pain or bite problems as a result of moving teeth
  • Boosting confidence
  • Repairing loss of chewing and speech function
  • Restoring and enriching facial structure
  • Offering support by creating a more comfortable and stable bridge or denture

Dental Implant Process in Gainesville & Braselton

The dental implant process begins with several visits occurring over a period of months. Our dentists will take X-rays and molds of the teeth and jaw to determine the available spacing for the implants. The dental implant is surgically attached to the bone while the area is numb. The implant and bone will become fused to one another within six months. A second surgery may be necessary, depending on the type of implant, in order to secure the post that holds the artificial tooth in position.

The healing process can take several months. Once this process is complete, the artificial teeth (or crowns) are created. The synthetic teeth are then connected to the implant securely, providing comfort and teeth functionality for the individual.

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Once the surgery is complete, each patient will receive care instructions. The lifespan of the implant is dependent upon the patient’s efforts for proper oral hygiene, eating habits, and maintenance of dental visits. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about the options available to you through implant dentistry.

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