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Loss of Permanent Teeth in Gainesville

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Each year more than five million teeth are knocked out in children and adults. Time is vital if you have a tooth knocked out; contact our office immediately. We have dental offices in both Gainesville and Braselton to serve you wherever you are. Chances of saving the tooth are dependent on how long the tooth has been dislodged and how it was conserved before you see your dentist.

How to Maintain the Health of a Dislodged Tooth

Make sure to handle the dislodged tooth carefully. Gently pick up the tooth by its crown (the chewing surface), being careful not to touch the root. If the tooth is dirty in any way, lightly rinse it with water or milk. Don’t use soap or chemicals and don’t scrub or dry off the tooth.

Try to reposition the tooth in the empty socket right away, if possible. The faster the tooth is repositioned, the greater the probability it will survive. To reinsert the dislodged tooth, use your fingers to carefully push the tooth into the socket, or try to position above the socket and close your mouth cautiously. Keep the tooth in place by either gently biting down on it or holding it in place with your fingers.

If the tooth won’t stay placed in your mouth, don’t leave the tooth outside your mouth to dry out. It’s best to submerge the dislocated tooth in milk, in an emergency tooth preservation kit (e.g., Save-A-Tooth), or in your mouth against the cheek. Teeth should not be stored in tap water.

In many cases, immediate action can result in the tooth being re-implanted successfully. However, if the crown is damaged, the chances of re-implantation are lessened, and if the root is broken, the tooth cannot be re-implanted. If your dentist is unable to reinsert the dislodged tooth due to damage, there are other options for tooth replacement.

BGW Dental Group Can Help

Aesthetics isn’t the only reason to replace a missing tooth. If you lose a permanent tooth, having a replacement installed can maintain your dental health. If you leave the space open, the surrounding teeth and gums could be more susceptible to gum disease. Additionally, the surrounding teeth could begin crowding to fill the empty space.

Dental implants are a great option for replacing missing teeth. Rather than sitting on top of the gums, a titanium post is positioned to replace the tooth’s root, which makes for a more stable foundation for your teeth.

At BGW Dental Group, our dentists in Braselton and Gainesville have the knowledge and experience to handle dental emergencies such as dislodged teeth. Don’t panic! Call us immediately at (678) 582-8099 to schedule a visit with one of our professionals.


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