Dr. Tuggle Is Making A Wishes Come True

Every year, philanthropic foundations like Make-A-Wish Georgia help transform the lives of thousands of children wish by wish, grant by grant, donation by donation. Through corporate sponsorships, special events, and individual contributions, Make-A-Wish gets one step closer towards improving the lives of our own community members. Dr. Andie Tuggle and BGW Dental Group are taking on this year’s Trailblaze Challenge in partnership with Make-A-Wish Georgia to raise critical funds for every eligible child with a critical illness. In addition to sponsoring this year’s event, BGW Dental Group has donated toothbrush kits for all hikers and volunteers for this year’s event.

This special event is taking on a particularly fun and rigorous format: a 22-mile hike November 13-14 through the Bartram Trail in Clayton. This is the fifth year Make-A-Wish has hosted this event.

So, why the Trailblaze Challenge? “My husband and I have always enjoyed hiking and camping,” said Dr. Tuggle. “We always like to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. We saw a billboard for the event and though it was both for a great cause and something that sounded challenging so – why not? Plus, anyone can go hiking, but this event is all about raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and to support this wonderful non-profit.”

This year’s fundraising goal for the entire event is $150,000. No matter how small, every donation counts towards the fulfillment of these kids’ happiness and relief. In addition to the more traditional fundraising method, Dr. Tuggle has personally started collecting sports merchandise from the Atlanta Falcons and is also holding personal yard sales and making goods from wood to sell to raise additional funds. If you’d like to give to her fundraising efforts, click here.

For more information on the Fall 2021 Trailblaze Challenge location and dates, click here