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Laser Dentistry

BGW Dental Group offers a highly effective and precise technique for dental treatments, called ezlase. This dental laser application is used to comfortably treat patient’s gums and other oral tissues with little pain and reduced recovery time. The innovative technology uses concentrated heat energy to cut through the soft tissues at a low power and moderate duration of heat. The laser device contains a feature called ComfortPulse that allows our dentists to focus on the specific area and control the amount of time the tissue is exposed in an effort to avoid heat-induced pain. The ezlase system allows our dentists to perform most dental procedures with a single topical anesthetic and minimal bleeding because the light energy aids the blood vessels in clotting.

There are several benefits of laser dentistry including:

  • Procedures require very few sutures (stitches) if any
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections
  • Minimized harm to surrounding tissues
  • Faster recovery time

The laser application can help with a variety of dental treatments, including:

  • Smile Enhancements – The ezlase device can reshape a patient’s gums by removing any excessive tissue that makes your smile have too much “gums” or cause your teeth to appear smaller or irregularly shaped.
  • Extract Excess Tissue  The laser technology can remove any oral growths or presence of extra tissues covering a tooth, fibromas, benign tumors or papilla. It is also ideal for removing soft tissue folds created by misfit dentures.
  • Prevent Gum Recession – Laser dentistry can release any connections to your tongue that may restrict mobility or to your gums causing them to recede. Laser frenectomy can help children who are considered “tongue tied” as well as those who suffer speech impediments.
  • Treat Periodontal Disease – We may recommend laser treatments to remove bacteria found between your teeth and gums that could be the cause of gum recession, loss of teeth or bleeding. The ezlase tool effectively destroys bacteria, potentially stimulating the tissue in your gums to grow.
  • Relieve Pain from Cold Sores – With the use of the ezlase application, oral tissues are able to regenerate and heal faster. The dental laser also relieves pain caused by cold sores or fever blisters.

To learn more about the ezlase dental technology and how it can help any dental conditions you may be experiencing, contact our office today to schedule an appointment. 

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