Oral Cancer Treatment

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be stressful, confusing and scary. Dr. Greene and her staff have participated in extensive training in assisting patients with all types of cancer, helping them navigate through cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. 

A close and open line of communication is imperative between all medical and dental practitioners, especially when treating systemic health complications. Here at BGW Dental Group, we are proud to offer this comprehensive service to our patients in need. Our patients receive an oral cancer screening on every visit, as BGW Dental Group doctors and staff are committed to the early detection and prevention of all cancers, including those of the head and neck.  

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Head and neck cancer rates are rapidly on the rise. Historically, it was thought that risk factors such as smoking and alcohol abuse were the main causes for head and neck cancers. Due to the emergence of better detection and study, researchers have discovered that the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the prominent cause for most head and neck cancers diagnosed today. HPV is also responsible for cervical cancers. Even when living a healthy lifestyle and abstaining from tobacco and alcohol, the risk of head and neck cancer is still escalating in our population. 

Unfortunately, most head and neck cancers that are associated with HPV are difficult to detect. These cancers are predominantly located in the tonsils, throat, base of tongue and larynx. It is very important that all patients are educated on warning signs for these types of cancers and get prompt testing and treatment, if warranted. 

As with most types of cancers, the long-term prognosis of head and neck cancer is ultimately affected by an early diagnosis and treatment regimen. The treatments for head and neck cancers generally require surgery, radiation therapy and/or possible chemotherapy.

Dental Health and Cancer Treatment

It is of utmost importance to establish good dental and oral health before any kind of cancer treatment begins, especially head and neck treatments. Metastatic breast cancer treatments, leukemia and cancers such as Multiple Myeloma most often use medications and treatments that not only affect the oral cavity, but require strict limitations and precautions surrounding dental treatments.  Your dental practitioner must be educated in pharmacology and oral medicine to be able to provide treatment safely and effectively.

Here at BGW Dental Group, we pride ourselves on being able to educate and support patients before, during, and after cancer therapies. Our goal is to provide excellent comprehensive dental care while improving and maintaining optimal systemic health.

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