Oral Cancer

Detecting Oral Cancers

As with any cancer, one of the key components of successfully treating oral cancer is early detection. That is why BGW dentists and staff conduct thorough oral cancer screenings during every twice-yearly exam. Our oncological expertise and abilities go far beyond this simple yet effective process, however.

Our highly trained staff, led by Dr. Cindy Fulenwider Greene, have participated in extensive training that allows us to assist patients with all types of cancer, including the oral complications associated with treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

BGW Dental Group works closely with medical and cancer care providers throughout our community here in north Georgia, maintaining an open line of communication in order to best serve our patients. This allows us to treat you as a whole, better detailing your care around your specific needs. And we pride ourselves on being able to educate and support patients before, during, and after their oral cancer therapies. Our goal is to provide excellent comprehensive dental care while improving and maintaining optimal systemic health.

Head and neck cancer rates – which include oral cancers – are on the rise in the United States, and the medical community is learning more about these types of cancer each day. For instance, researchers have discovered that the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the same virus responsible for cervical cancers, is a prominent cause of most head and neck cancers. This means that living a healthy lifestyle and abstaining from alcohol and tobacco may not decrease your risk of head and neck cancers.

Detection of oral cancers is a complex process, as they occur predominantly in the tonsils, throat, base of the tongue and larynx, which is why we educate our patients on the warning signs of these cancers and when to seek further testing.

To receive an oral cancer screening from our skilled providers today – at either our Gainesville or Braselton offices – please contact us at 678-582-8099.

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