Sedation Dentistry

If the thought of going to the dentist office gives you anxiety, then you may be an ideal candidate for sedation dentistry. At BGW Dental Group, we offer conscious sedation techniques, including IV sedation, for patients who need help relaxing in the dentist’s chair. IV sedation uses intravenous medication to help alleviate fear and stress in certain patients. Medication is delivered through a tiny needle placed in the top of the hand or the inside of the elbow. Patients who undergo IV sedation remain awake and can respond to questions and comments, while still feeling comfortable through routine exams and longer dental procedures. Most have little to no memory of the procedure.

There are many benefits to IV sedation dentistry including:

  • Eliminates anxiety and pain
  • Works quickly
  • De-sensitizes bad gag reflexes
  • Relaxes patients who need to sit for long periods of time
  • Limited or no memory of the procedure
  • Medication is customizable to fit a patient’s specific needs

Dr. Wood and Dr. Greene are our sedation dentistry experts. No matter the type of sedation you choose – IV, nitrous oxide or oral, our team is equipped to monitor and measure body responses throughout operations and dental procedures. 

Interested in learning more? Please contact us to determine if sedation dentistry is right for you.

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